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NRA certified instructor Forged from lesson learned on the streets and in the battle fields, everything taught is proven, state-of-the-art techniques used in the real world. West Coast Warriors, a group of dedicated instructors of various disciplines and backgrounds, ranging from government, law enforcement, private sector security, military, and over-all experts in their various fields of expertise. Our courses are developed for real-world application, by instructors who are personable, and our focus is to develop a successful skill set spanning across various disciplines.

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  • Founder of West Coast Warriors

Rosalind James-author

rosalind james

Rosalind James (author) Reached out to the founder for the West Coast Warriors, for consulting on technical questions for an upcoming novel.

Rosalind James in Latina Magazine Latina Magazine 2013 ((Article focused on Pro 2nd Amendment Rights))
Ms. January, featured in the 2013 Calendar Ms. January, featured in the 2013 Calendar
Rosalind James I Love Guns and Coffee Challenge Featured in "I Love Guns and Coffee Challenge" for California